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Feasibility Analysis & Functional Specification (BESS / Co-Gen )

Non-Utility BESS & Co-Gen Systems for the purposes of behind-the-meter demand offset to reduce GA charges is a concept that has only come to prominence in Ontario in the last couple of years. As a result, there are some misconceptions and a need for deeper understanding of various deployment strategies, as there are usually multiple tie-in approaches, immediate and long-term strategy, as well as potential impacts on customer's facility itself.

Number of Our clients have chosen a Proactive Approach to address these issues ahead of BESS / Co-Gen project itself, thereby significantly reducing project timeline and uncertainties, increasing customer's financial and operational benefits and expedite Management Approval to position the Project to be a truly successful endeavor.

PowerCore’s final deliverable is “Functional Specification Package” to directly benefit the End User ( independent of the project Developer), which will define a clear plan for Management and all Stakeholders (could be used as part of a customer’s RFQ process):

  • Optimal tie-in strategy
  • Marked up top level Single Line Diagrams
  • Physical Layouts
  • Gantt Charts outlining project stages and milestones
  • Authorities Approvals
  • Risk Assessment


PowerCore will act on the customer’s behalf to interface with the Authorities to prepare for a successful BESS / Co-Gen Project Launch.

  • File Connection Impact Assessment application with LDC and HONI
  • File System Impact Assessment application with LDC and IESO
  • File ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) Plan review application
  • Liaison with AHJ ( Building, Fire, Sewer, etc.)
  • Attend meetings with all BESS project stakeholders to outline optimal approach and deployment strategy.