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Power Quality Solutions

Power Quality

Power Quality is often called into question but, be it simple Power Factor correction capacitors or a complex harmonic filtering system, there is a solution to fit any budget or schedule.

PowerCore's in-house expertise along with its partners can resolve commonly experienced issues such as:

  • Excessive Harmonic Distortion
  • Voltage Flicker
  • Voltage Fluctuation
  • Neutral Cable Overheating
  • Ground Loops/Grounding Problems

In addition, complex PQ Audits can be provided that will assess the entire facility power distribution system from the top down.

Typically, power quality is evaluated through a Power Monitoring System (if the facility has one) or a series of Power Quality Measurements are performed.

PowerCore Solutions can provide such customized PQ Solutions as:

  • Fixed PF Correction Capacitor Banks
  • Switched-in Capacitor Banks
  • Harmonic Filters
  • Voltage Regulators
  • K-rated Transformers
  • TVSS

When considering Battery Energy Storage System, the existing challenges can be resolved by dynamic support capability of many type of BESS inverters:

  • Voltage variations support (brownouts)
  • Fault ride through
  • Controlled injection of reactive power during a fault
  • Control of cos(phi) with an active power priority
  • Grid following / grid forming mode (islanding)
  • System startup form a cold condition, within 30s
  • Black-start capability (with restrictions) to start a gas turbine


  • Dealing with an Engineering company with expertise in both On-site Energy Storage/Generation and Power quality offers a broad view of challenges and solutions when integrating new Energy sources into an existing power distribution network.
  • Bring experience in dealing with local distribution utilities, Hydro One and IESO
  • Authorized partnership with Schneider Electric, offers an expertise on power metering systems used by many industrial facilities
  • Comprehensive power distribution system analysis, system implementation and engineering support.