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Intelligent Demand Management

Demand control can be extremely difficult to manage manually. Switching critical loads off and on can compromise operations, applying multiple automated curtailment procedures can work against each other. Only by integrating load requirements tuned precisely to the real-time operating demand, users can get the most out of each strategy

PowerCore Typical Scope Of Supply:

  • Intelligent Predictive Demand Management System that uses sophisticated load prediction and control algorithms, built-in load-shedding intelligence, and data drawn from industrial equipment, electricity meters and utility transmission to optimize facility energy use.
  • Customers define rules for controlling energy loads, and then use the system to manage energy for cost savings, efficiency, and maximum participation in Global Adjustment and other smart grid programs.
  • Interval Demand data analysis, the process of understanding where, when and why high-cost energy demand spikes occur and what measures to take to reduce them.


  • Leverage our predictive software platform to extend energy efficiency capabilities to load based demand management, billing demand control, dynamic pricing
  • Mitigate peak demand events, and peak demand charges
  • Intelligent demand management without negatively impacting production
  • Gain enhanced real-time equipment visibility
  • Easy integration into facilities existing or new control systems