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Power Monitoring And Energy Management Systems (PM & EMS)

Your Electrical Power Distribution system is a lifeline of your facility. Reliability and Efficiency is Paramount To make informed decisions, PM & EMS can be your window into you Power System, that enables you to

  • Monitor, Evaluate and Act on Power Quality / Disturbance Events
  • Determine optimum approach to improve Power Reliability
  • Determine existing loading to assess capacity throughout the system
  • Analyze Real-time and historical data on W.A.G.E.S.
  • Allocate and/or verify Energy Cost to Cost Centers/Departments/Tenants

As an PowerCore can deliver a turnkey solution covering all aspects of successful implementation of effective Power Monitoring & Energy Management systems.

An example of a comprehensive PM&EMS: http://www.pmedemo.biz, Login/Pwd: info/info


In many cases only a small step is needed to implement a comprehensive PM & EMS that can:

  • Utilize existing Power Meters and/or add new ones as required
  • Build tailored Power Quality & Load Flow Dashboards for Facility Managers
  • Create Advanced Reports for Power / Energy / Billing / Heat Maps / Sankey Charts / etc. for Energy Managers
  • Integrate with third party Systems (BAS, BMS, SCADA) through Protocol Translators